[ Morning Rituals for Intentional Days ]

Practice is a way of life and we invite you to hop out of bed and onto your mat to move, meditate, journal and start your day with intention with a like minded community. A program that invites you to practice with the natural cycles of the moon. There are times to move fast, times to move slow, moments to sit with ourselves and moments to ride those waves of creativity.

A compliment to our Alive program and a morning program open to all. Each series will help you explore one main theme through movement, meditation & journaling. Join us from 7-7:30 am, and notice the shift of setting

aside just 30 minutes of your morning for yourself.

We are changing the way we wake up and we want you to be part of it!


[ Schedule ]

Monday to Friday for the first week, then every Monday for the next 3 weeks to help you build your morning routine and stay connected to the group. Starts over at every 4 week moon cycle.

Next theme starting July 20th: Home, family & caring


Week 1 • Monday Jul 20 - Friday Jul 24, 7-7:30 AM

New Moon ♦ A time for reflection, to set intentions

Week 2 • Monday Jul 27, 7-7:30 AM

First quarter Moon ♦ Start moving, a time take action

Week 3 • Monday Aug 3, 7-7:30 AM

Full Moon ♦ A time of gratitude & celebration

Week 4 • Monday Aug 10, 7-7:30 AM

Last Quarter ♦ A time to release what no longer serves you

[ Registration ]


  • $45 for 4 weeks

  • Free for Alive participants


  • Join Live on Zoom or in-person on patio at Yoga Attic.

  • In person spots are limited to 9 guests + instructor. If needed, an alternating schedule will be created to provide guests with equal opportunities to join in person



A journey of self-discovery, connection and purpose.

Join us for ALIVE, a program for people who crave an intentional life, who wish to uncover a deeper connection within themselves with the support of a like-minded community. 

Next Chapter starting in August 2020.

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