[ Your Safety is Important to Us ]

Your safety is important to us. We are exceeding the recommended guidelines to make sure that Yoga Attic remains a safe space for all of our guests and family. All gathering will be offered while respecting social distancing.

Please read and follow all safety measures and guidelines to prepare for your next visit at Yoga Attic. Reach out to us at any time if you have any questions or concerns at escape@yogaattic.ca


If you show any symptoms or have been in contact with someone feeling ill. Please inform us & stay home. All guests will be required to fill out a survey upon arrival before each visit. If you are unsure, please take a look at this survey beforehand:



Please sanitize your hands upon arrival, before and after touching any surfaces and as often as you can during your visit. We will do the same. You will find 7 hand sanitizing stations & cleaning stations throughout the property to sanitize your hands regularly and to thoroughly clean before and after touching all surfaces.


Please bring your own mats. Markings to separate the mats have been identified. All classes will be accessible without props. If you wish to use them, please bring your own. Blocks, mats, straps & bolsters are also available for sale. Consult your hosts for inquiries.  


Meals will be provided by external catering and will be served in individual biodegradable boxes. This will allow us to provide you with our full attention in hosting the day, and also to ensure all safety measures are met during these times.


Disinfectant spray bottles and towels for regular cleaning are also found at each cleansing station. Hosts will be ensuring surfaces including tables, seats & doors, washrooms & frequently touched surfaces will be cleaned thoroughly following Public Health Guidelines.


All classes & gatherings will be held outdoors. We have plenty of room to share. We require all guests to respect social distancing at all times. Seating around the fire, on the outdoor patio, has all been marked and set-up to respect a minimum of two metre distance. 


The washroom and water station will be accessible via the attic on the third level patio. Windows will be kept open, and we will use the screen door to ensure proper air circulation in the space throughout the day. 


  • We ask that you sanitize your hands before opening the screen door and properly wash hands before and after the use of washrooms and water station. 


  • Floor markings will limit the access to the attic to one person in the washroom and a maximum of two people waiting with more than 8 feet distance between guests at all times in the attic space. Otherwise, we will spend the day outside.


Please bring your own water bottle or tea cup. Biodegradable cups will be available if you forget

Yoga Attic

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