[ Practice. Rest. Eat. Share. ]

A breath of fresh air from contemporary life. An intimate space fostered by meaningful interactions. A multidisciplinary space with a picturesque view. Explore our upcoming Gatherings & Full Day retreats. 

[ The Gatherings ]

We talk to strangers, we eat to share & we move together. Whether you need a moment to yourself, or a space to connect to others we invite you to make this all about you. Explore our monthly gatherings to move your body, find stillness, & indulge in seasonal meals surrounded by nature. We believe in special attentions. Take what you need! Join us.

[ The Full Days ]

We believe growth takes time, self care is essential & community is everything. Full day retreats are an opportunity to rest, retreat, learn, explore & heal. A day to escape the business of everyday life through movement, stillness, nature & nourishing meals inspired by the seasons. An opportunity to be mindful with the help of experts and guest teachers. A day to foster space, growth and intention in everyday life. A day to feel cared for. Join us.

Registration to full day retreats is temporarily on pause. Registration will open as soon as it is safe to do so. Purchase Full Days Credits for your future dose of community and self-care.

[ Retreat Packages ]


We would love to see you a little more often. A commitment in time for yourself. Create a Yoga Attic profile. Manage your visits as you wish.

Purchase credits for retreats. Explore retreat packages to visit more while saving a little. Retreat credits have no expiry! 

Limited to one guest. Retreat packages cannot be shared or transferred among guests.

The Gathering Packages

The Full Day Packages

[ Craft your own Retreat ]


Gather your best & embrace time & space all for yourself. An opportunity to step out into nature for your next professional retreat, or to come together to celebrate a special occasion.


Create your own dream event in our space. Guests renting the space are fully responsible for the program, the promotion & the animation of their day.

Yoga Attic

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Greely, Ontario