with Alex, Katherine & Tina
June 7th, 9AM-12:15PM

Sunday June 7, join Alex Ure, Katherine Miceli, and Tina Lamontagne for Bloom, a morning retreat to enliven the mind, body, spirit and to foster connection & community from the comfort of your home.

Spring is here. Let's get inspired by nature, salute the sun and allow yourself to bloom. During this 3 hour retreat we invite you to tend to your own needs to foster growth in everyday life.
Take the time to explore the theme through discussion, meditation, flow yoga, the preparation of your specialty lemonade or iced tea before you dive into journaling reflections. A special morning retreat led by Alex Ure, Katherine Miceli & Tina Lamontagne to embody the fresh Spring air, the bright energy of the Sun and to invite you to Bloom & embrace the best version of yourself.

Join us. Let's Bloom together on June 7.

9 AM • Welcome, introduction of theme, discussion & reflection
9:30 AM • Meditation & Pranayama with Alex Ure
10 AM • Flow yoga with Katherine Miceli
11:15 AM • Prepare your specialty drink, lavender lemonade or hibiscus iced tea + journaling & reflections with Tina Lamontagne
12-12:15 PM • Group Closing

Cost: $45/guest

Yoga Attic

1461 Erbmill Lane

Greely, Ontario