[ Home is not a Place. It's a Feeling ]

We are fascinated by human interaction and we believe that community has the power to heal. This is the time to explore all of our tools for wellness and self care. Join us on the mat from the comfort of your home for a short practice or an online retreat. Let's connect to ourselves and each other.

[ Yoga Attic On YouTube ]

Yoga Attic is a studio and retreat space nestled in nature in Ottawa, Canada. We believe in warm tea, cozy socks by a fireplace, the kiss of the wind on your cheeks, a song that makes your heart jump, a real smile, and good conversation. A space to show up as yourself with teary eyes, or a laugh bursting from the heart. A practice to move together immersed in the sounds of nature. A home open to the community inviting you to explore the simple things we call life. 

Through our YouTube channel, we hope to bring these same feelings, emotions, and sense of community into the comfort of your own home. So grab a warm drink, unroll your mat and let's spend some time together, friends.






[ Daily Awakenings ]

We are changing the way we wake up and we want you to be part of it!


A compliment to our Alive program and a morning program open to all. Each series will help you explore one main theme through movement, meditation & journaling. Join us from 7-7:30 am, and notice the shift of setting aside just 30 minutes of your morning for yourself. 

[ In-Person Retreats ]



We invite you to make this all about you. Explore our monthly gatherings to move your body, find stillness, & indulge in seasonal meals surrounded by nature.


Gather your best & embrace time & space all for yourself. An opportunity to step out into nature for your next professional retreat, or to come together to celebrate a special occasion.



A day to escape the business of everyday life through movement, stillness, nature & nourishing meals inspired by the seasons. An opportunity to be mindful with the help of experts and guest teachers.



Create your own dream event in our space. Guests renting the space are fully responsible for the program, the promotion & the animation of their day.

Yoga Attic

1461 Erbmill Lane

Greely, Ontario