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It’s time to change up your working space! If you’re seeking extra grounding, a dose of inspiration or looking for a change of scenery, we can help! Take advantage of our co-working days where we offer ample working spaces co-existing with the peace and tranquility of nature. Spread across two acres we have three large patios, comfy sofas, hammocks to nap on the job, swings for brainstorming and a fire pit to make this the best working space ever. We will provide the wifi, plenty of shade and countless corners in nature to work quietly and at a safe, social distance. Co-working will be limited to 9 guests + host and will be available Tuesdays and Thursdays.

What’s included?
• Coffee, Tea & Water
• Optional Lunch - Yoga Attic bowl from Irie Green Cuisine (Vegan + GF)
• High speed Wifi
• Optional Yoga practice & Fireside meditation
• Creative working stations, fire pit, hammocks, pond with water fountain, swings, gorgeous views and plenty of shade.
• Journals will be provided to all guests

Tentative schedule:
7:30 AM • Arrive anytime, as early as 7:30 AM. Work / Rest (access to wifi, white board)
9 - 9:30 AM • Patio Yoga [optional]
12 PM • Lunch: Yoga Attic bowl from Irie Green Cuisine (Vegan + GF) or bring your own.
1 - 1:30 PM • Fireside Meditation [optional]
1:30 AM - 5 PM • Work / Rest (access to wifi, white board)

Food and drinks will be available in compostable packaging and will not be reused. Bathroom facilities will be available in the Attic with regular sanitization. See link in the header for Additional Safety Measures for COVID-19.

Weather disclaimer: Event will be held outdoors, social distance style, until further notice and as such, we will be moving and flowing with nature, rain or shine! Hello waterproof patio! Unless there is an extreme weather warning (i.e. thunderstorm), the event will either be held on the top deck in the sunshine or on one of the lower levels with shade/protection from the rain. In the case of extreme weather warnings, a cancellation notice will be made at least 2 hours prior to the event, and a credit will remain on your account to be used at a later date. Get ready for a magical experience!

[ Co-Working (with Lunch) ]

Book event individually at $55 or purchase Gathering Packages exchangeable for:

and save on credits for future gatherings. Retreat credits have no expiry and will be saved and managed directly on your Yoga Attic account.

Limited to one guest. Retreat packages cannot be shared or transferred among guests.


Make sure to pre-book online to reserve your spot. All events are limited to 9 guest + instructor. We would love to see you a little more often ♥♥♥

[ Co-Working (without Lunch) ]

You want to bring your own lunch? No problem! Bring your own food and save $15 per Co-Working Retreat. The pricing options below are only available for Co-Working events only. These credits are not exchangeable for other types of Gatherings.

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