Intimate retreats
for professionals

Intimate retreats for professionals with purpose. We believe in coming together, in opportunities to share, to learn, support & grow as a community. We believe personal growth and business growth come together & we love to talk, business, wellness, growth, strategy, success & new perspectives with people who inspire us.

Each full day retreat will be held on a Tuesday from 9 am to 4 pm and will include a morning yoga practice, an inside story & Q&A session with a special guest, a Pen to Paper session with Lana & an afternoon breakout sessions to exchange with others and apply the knowledge learned.

In person or online!

Join us Behind the Curtains, a monthly series with Lana Dingwall. Register to each session individually.

October 13
Special Guest: Ro, Founder of Wild Roga, teacher & speaker
Theme - Supporting ourselves through our darkest and hardest moments

November 10
Theme & guest - coming soon

Tentative Schedule :
9 AM • Warm drinks & introductions with Lana & Tina
9:30 AM • Morning meditation & movement
10:15 AM • Break & refreshments
10:30 AM • The inside story with special guest
11:30 AM • Dynamic group talk + Q & A with special guest
12:30 PM • Lunch & downtime
1:30 PM • Re-frame, Re-connect. Themed talk with Lana
2:30 PM • Pen to paper. Breakout sessions with Lana
3:15 PM • Break - Rest & Reset!
3:45 - 4:15 PM • Closing & group share with Lana & Tina

Yoga Attic

1461 Erbmill Lane

Greely, Ontario