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Yoga: Vinyasa

From my first yoga class, I was immediately captivated by the breath body connection — meditation in motion. While completing my training, the experience brought me so much growth and awakened awareness that it really was life altering. It is my heartfelt belief that yoga, through breath, asana and meditation, can provide nourishment for the body, mind, and soul. As a vinyasa trained instructor, I place great importance on linking breath to movement. My intention is that you will always leave class feeling better than when you arrived and I'm excited to meet you at the mat! On my days off, you can usually find me exercising, cooking, golfing, reading or exploring music!

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Specialty & Offerings

Creating a Sustainable Practice

Practicing Yoga without a Mat Moving Around the Room

Yoga for Athletes

Functional Movement


Yoga & Functional Movement

I love watching students learn about how their bodies move and function. When people feel present and connected to themselves it allows them to feel connected to their community and the world around them. Since completing my training in 2015, I have done a variety of courses to learn more about movement and understanding how to create a sustainable and challenging practice. I enjoy incorporating functional movements and non-traditional yoga movements into my practice to increase range of motion, improve mobility and build strength. On my days off you can usually find me chasing my toddler around, strength training, spending time in nature, drinking coffee at a local coffee shop, spending time with friends, and eating!


Specialty & Offerings

Psychic-medium group readings

Reiki workshops: why is it beneficial and how can it help me?

Reiki Certification


Reiki & Psychic Medium

I am a Reiki master, mala maker and love filled psychic medium. I am most interested in talking about tarot, spirit, creating your own gemstone pieces, and connecting to your guides and intuition. I believe that by using these resources, I hope to give people a safe place to feel their emotions and heal from past traumas, and love themselves. On my days off you can find me journalling, podcasting, or spending time in nature.




Yoga Teacher

I’m a certified yoga instructor trained within the styles of hatha, vinyasa, yin, prenatal and postnatal. My personal exploration of subtle energies and passion for ayurvedic wellness have influenced my teaching style over the years. Whether in studio or online, I offer restorative postures, functional movements, breath awareness and mental clarity through asana, pranayama and meditative practices for everyone. I’m honoured to serve the bodies, minds and spirits of the yoga community with the ancient traditions that have brought vitality, resilience and joy to my own life.




Yoga Teacher

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Yoga Attic

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Greely, Ontario