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[ A Journey of Self Discovery, Connection & Purpose ]

Here we are another loop around the sun beyond excited to launch our third edition of Alive in March. Curious to learn more about this program & journey? Join us this Sunday, January 31st from 11 am - 12:30 pm for an Alive Open House. Expect an opening meditation. A program overview and an opportunity to ask all of your questions. 


The event is free and open to all. All will be hosted on Zoom. Sign-up to book your spot. The link for the event will be sent the day prior to the event. The session will be recorded and shared to all who signed-up. 

Join us for ALIVE, a program for people who crave an intentional life, who wish to uncover a deeper connection within themselves with the support of a like-minded community. 

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My journey in finding the Alive program was that I wanted to connect with my word of the year for 2020, which was Open. I wanted to go deeper into my spiritual journey, experience new insights, and feel all of the beautiful benefits of a yoga retreat every month instead of just once a year, which was my practice to date. I thought, what if I could feel this amazing every month! I jumped online, did some exploring, and found Tina, the Yoga Attic and Alive. I eagerly signed up, without having ever met Tina, and this decision has changed my life.


Guided by the kind-hearted and soulful Tina in the most gorgeous forest-lined and magical setting, the Alive program provides an opportunity to reflect deeply on a different theme every month - anything from Leadership & New Beginnings to Freedom to Play & Adventure. Its foundation is a unique blend of movement practices (yoga, dancing and other surprises), delicious and nourishing food, self and group exploration, awesome guest speakers, and the cultivation of joy, love and deep community. The connection to a circle of women who share their experiences, who are vulnerable and so courageous in every aspect of their lives is the richness of the program and something that I had not understood when I first signed up. I have never felt so supported by, and connected to, so many incredible women who hold space for one another in such a beautiful way and in such a breathtaking space. There is room for everyone - introverts, extroverts, those who share readily, those who are more private and need a bit of time to open up. With the program being a full year, you see everyone’s journey over a sustained period and the profound change that can emerge as we flow through the moon phases and seasons. My participation has been overwhelmingly positive - I am calmer, more grounded, growing in my intuition, feeling abundant rather than scared, and most of all, quieter - this has allowed me to hear my deeper knowing, to be aware of ever so subtle but momentous shifts in my way of being and thinking that I would have missed before and that have been imprinted on my soul forever.


Forever grateful,

Anne-Marie, Alive member