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[ A way of life ]

A warm tea, cozy socks by a fireplace, the kiss of the wind on your cheeks, a song that makes your heart jump, a real smile, a good conversation. A moment of silence, an invitation to listen, to take your time. A meal that is meant to be shared. A space to show up for yourself. A practice to move together immersed in the sounds of nature. A home open to the community inviting you to explore the simple things we call life. 

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We believe growth takes time, self care is essential & community is everything. Whether you need a moment for yourself, or a space to connect to others we invite you to make this all about you. Take what you need!

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We are calling this season Slow Summer, a time to embody, embrace & reconnect with a few intentional offerings! Join us for Yoga & Brunch, Fireside Gatherings and Co-Working Days for feel good food, nature and great people.


A journey of self-discovery, connection & purpose. A program for people who crave an intentional life, who wish to uncover a deeper connection within themselves with the support of a like-minded community. An invitation to explore, learn, heal & grow together. A journey to feel Alive.


We believe in thoughtful details, in making life intentional. We believe life is meant to be shared. We believe opening our hearts is a simple opportunity to create real moments and meet incredible people.

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